what is it like to volunteer with us?

what is it like to volunteer with us?


quick facts

Location: Lugazi, Uganda

Age Requirement: 18 years, or accompanied by adult

Language: English is necessary

Cost: starts at $550, varies according to program

Accommodation: Volunteer quarters

Minimum Stay: 2 weeks


You will stay at our volunteer headquarters in the heart of Lugazi, Uganda, and travel to your project each day (10-20 minute drive). It is a beautiful compound just a few steps away from local shops and a five minute walk from the town market. This makes it easy for you to get the necessities you need such as bottled water, and also feel a part of the community as you support local family businesses and interact with the local people when you are out and about. The living quarters consist of individual rooms and group rooms with single and bunk beds, and a shower/toilet area. The kitchen is connected to the living quarters, where your meals will be prepared and you can learn a little about Ugandan cooking if you wish! It is a peaceful oasis to spend your evenings after volunteering at your project each day.


Spend your days serving the beautiful souls in the rural villages of Lugazi, and your evenings strolling through the local market, Rolex in hand.


A typical weekday usually involves breakfast between 8 and 9 am, and heading to your project location by 10 am. Once on site at your project, your day will vary according to which program you select. You might be running a health clinic, brainstorming ideas with a program director, or playing with kids – check out our program options for more details. Lunch is served on site, and you will typically finish up your day around 4 pm and head back to town. Most volunteers spend their evenings napping, reading, checking out the local market, or taking a jog through the sugar cane fields. Everyone has dinner together around 8 pm.

Most volunteers spend Monday-Thursday at their project and Friday-Sunday traveling and exploring. If you are staying for a few weeks, you might spend your first weekend in Jinga rafting and horseback riding, your second weekend chimp trekking, and your final weekend on safari. The weekly schedule is always flexible – if your project involves planning a weekend event for the community, you might choose to travel/explore during the week. Your trip is planned and customized just for you.