give back in your own way.

give back in your own way.

available programs

The program options available are endless – our nonprofit partners currently operate three schools, a microfinance project, and two health clinics. We work with them to design a program just for you, whether you want to work in the field of education, finance, construction, health, social work, etc. or a mixture of those!

working with kids

Spend time interacting with kids and encouraging their social and emotional development. You can focus on music, recreation, art, or other special areas of talent you have. If you are compassionate, creative, and love working with kids, this is the program for you.


Focus your time in one of the microfinance projects run by our nonprofit partners. There are many options for this program that can revolve around your level of knowledge about finance and business.


If you are interested in the health field, you can work in one of the health clinics run by our nonprofit partners. We can also partner you with local hospitals and other health initiatives in the area that need volunteer assistance. Depending on your preferred area of focus, we can find a perfect project for you, or schedule you to experience and contribute to a variety of health projects.


Work with local teachers in your field of expertise to help students learn the skills and information they need to succeed. You will be working in one of the three schools run by our nonprofit partners, each in a village nearby Lugazi. This is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge of international education while helping underprivileged students.

construction/building project

Focus on a building project based on your area of expertise, or work on one of the existing projects that needs an extra set of hands! This is a great opportunity to work with local adults and gives you the chance to truly see the impact you will leave behind. Past volunteers have built classrooms, health clinics, or even homes for elderly village members. This program has the option for a shorter duration of 1 week.

social work

Work in areas like women’s empowerment, child development, program development at schools or in villages, or other areas you are interested in. This program has many options and often times volunteers end up creating a custom project based on their own ideas.